Carolina Conner Founder and co founder Carolina Conner Custom Homes Real Estate Tampa FL

As a Military Spouse, I have moved many times to support my husband’s career and I was unemployed or underemployed every time we moved.  I met many military spouses, very well educated and experienced with the same challenge of trying to find meaningful career opportunities while they are supporting their soldier and family overall.  I am a firm believer in the importance of education so I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in International Business in Bogota, Colombia. I continued my education in Savannah, GA where I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Management & Leadership from Webster University with honors. 

While I was searching for the best fit and career opportunity, I applied three times for a Career Counselor position during a six-month period at Fort Hood, TX. After a long application process, I was hired. I had the opportunity to work for the Soldier for Life program dedicated to support employment and career readiness of soldiers in transition to the civilian life. My perspective changed because I found the most rewarding job I ever had. After 3 and a half years my husband had orders to move to North Carolina again. I was fortunate that the Soldier for Life program had an open position in Fort Bragg and I was able to reapply and get rehired. I worked for the program for 2 years and my husband’s retirement sparked the conversation about our next journey. 

We decided to move to Tampa Bay Area and I joined a project helping young people to obtain IT certifications and helping to connect with the companies in need of this talent to get hired. The project ended and after searching for a job for a while my WHY of doing what I was doing for many years, passion about helping people to succeed, grow, advise and coach inspired me to obtain my real estate license and become an entrepreneur where I can continue helping even more people, providing the best-customized services through local industry champions and partnerships, with the best-qualified talent while we renovate and sell luxury custom homes for our clients in the Tampa Bay Area.

Carolina Conner

Founder and President